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Worcester Parsons manufacture premium brass hinges for doors, furniture and cabinets.
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Basta Parsons manufacture high quality locks, hinges and handles for Timber, PVCu, Steel and Aluminium doors and windows.
• Worcester Parsons assist in Bird-Brained Project

Worcester Parsons hinges are being used in a Robotic bird designed to keep nuisance birds off buildings. Aggressive gulls are well known to swoop down on children eating their school lunch
and regularly attack technicians working on roof-mounted systems, even pecking clean through
hard hats on occasions.

‘Robop’ is engineered to look, move and sound like a real Peregrine Falcon because it utilises the pest birds inherent fear of the real thing. Worcester Parsons hinges are fitted to the Robop
between the body and the wings allowing the wing to move. The objective is to firstly cause a
panic reaction so that the pest birds will fly away. Secondly, information is conveyed to the pests that a peregrine falcon has taken up residence in their territory, so there is no point in them returning.

The flapping of its wings, movement of the head and real peregrine call are all controlled by an onboard computer to appear completely random and hence natural to the observing bird.

Basta Parsons Chief Executive Kevin Norton said: “We are delighted to provide assistance in this unusual project. Worcester Parsons hinges are manufactured to the high levels of tolerance and quality required in this very special application.

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